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Just ran a 2,5 k nonstop
My first run in weeks

Got a quite good time but
I’m definitely quitting my bad habit of smoking now so that I can achieve progress and a better time.



fitness blog :)


Inner thigh workout.

Lunch: quark with whey, banana, fiber cereal and raisins



I started running outside on a secluded dirt road last year because I was so embarrassed about running in public. I obviously have a sentimental attachment to it because it’s part of my history and last year, I ran it for a final time on my birthday and we moved two days later. Today I drove back out there and ran the 3.5 mile route I used to take.

It was definitely a trip down memory lane, though much easier to run this time.

199/200 miles for summer.

this is adorable ! glad ya got to go back!

Love her, biggest inspo

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