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todays mini work out 💪
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Lunch earlier today

Proud in a weird way

Today was supposed to be my second day of not smoking but I smoked 3 cigarettes but I actually Didn’t enjoy it. 

I think I’ve realized how bad it actually is and that my health is more important than inhaling pure poison.

Tomorrow is a new week and my goal is to keep it under 5 cigarettes which I’m sure I will. 

And I’m even more sure that it will be 0.

Your support is so giving and I’m so thankful for you guys, have a great week. And wow it’s september tomorrow!



Back Day highlights. I have a lot of videos from my workouts, but I can never post them via mobile, so I decided to post this from my laptop. I will get around to posting more soon. This was just a few sets from my back workout.

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Ugh I can’t stand this cold! 😩😠

Trying to snack on as much fruit as I can. Got any good tips to recover?
Post workout lunch

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Breakfast before hitting the gym

Homemade bread with butter & low fat quark with non sugar raspberry jam